Track and manage public works, snow removal and waste collection in one solution!

It's simple with the right tools to manage your operations in real and past time!

Simplify the supervision of your current operations

evStreets gives you an overview of your operations, simplifies your management tasks and opens a direct communication channel with your drivers and customers. All in one solution.

Assign routes, drivers and contracts in just a few clicks

Assign drivers to different routes for different jobs and collections with a turnkey app to save time.

– Bénéfice A – Sed nisi lacus sed viverra. Quis commodo.
– Bénéfice B – Sed nisi lacus sed viverra. Quis commodo.
– Bénéfice C – Sed nisi lacus sed viverra. Quis commodo.
– Bénéfice D – Sed nisi lacus sed viverra. Quis commodo.

Monitor the completion rate of operations and the location of trucks in real time

The Operations Manager allows you to see at a glance where your operations are, allowing you to react quickly.

Access the history of your operations to answer questions from customers or citizens

With evStreets, you can see exactly what is happening down to the minute on a street segment during past operations.

Give your customers more control with self-service Customer View

The Customer View allows your customers to view all the information concerning operations in their territory. This allows them to respond to citizen inquiries and independently check the status of operations.

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Intuitive modules…

Here’s how evStreets can help facilitate the supervision of your day-to-day operations.
Operations Manager
Mobile Assistant
Customer View

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager allows the assignment of routes, drivers and contracts, in addition to giving you a real-time overview of the status of your operations.

Mobile Assistant

The Mobile Assistant provides drivers with a simple overview of their assigned route and real-time progress via GPS on their own phone.

Customer View

The Customer View allows your customers to have access to current and past transactions without however being able to make changes to ensure that you are on the same page at all times.

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