Managing public works and waste collection operations is easier with the right tools

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evStreets pairs perfectly with Geotab® devices to give you a bird's eye view of your operations, simplify your management tasks and provide a direct communication channel with drivers and customers

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager makes for easy route, driver and contract assignments while also giving a real-time overview of current operations status for informed decision-making

Mobile Assistant

The Mobile Assistant provides drivers with a simple overview of their assigned route and progress through the embarked tablet inside of each vehicle

Operations Viewer

The Operations Viewer gives your customers access to current and past operations in a read-only format, ensuring you are both on the same page at all times regarding operations

How evStreets improves your workflow

Assigning trucks, routes and contracts just takes a few clicks

Assigning drivers to every route one at a time using a clunky interface can be pretty gruesome. With evStreets, just select your route, assign your desired drivers all at once and you are done!

View operations % completion and trucks location in real time

The Operations Manager allows you to see at a glance the level of completion of every one of your routes, allowing you to react effectively in case some drivers need help.

View historical data to respond to customer or citizen questions about past operations

With evStreets, it's easy to see exactly what happened and at what time on specific street segments during past operations. Just click on a street, select your timeframe and a PDF report will pop up.

Empower your customers with a self-serve operations viewer

The Operations Viewer allows your customers to view all of the information regarding operations on their territory, allowing them to answer citizen inquiries and check operations status by themselves.

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